Monday, August 23, 2004

A Very Nice Sunday Indeed....

Woke up this ready for church...had a clumsy morning...knocked over Katie's jewelry box and then dropped my Bible in the road (papers went everywhere-I later cleaned out my Bible)...but then I got to church and it was all good.

After church, Ashley, Michelle, Craig, Chad, Clay, Kristen, and I went to LaBamba to eat. We had so much fun...sat in there forever talking and goofing off...good times, good times! :)
When we got back to school, I went in my room with every intention to read all my stuff for my classes...did I? HA not a chance...I fell asleep and didn't wake up till it was time to get ready for church. Good nap though!!!

Church was good and afterwards the college group had a devo...we played some fun ice-breakers and had a nice lesson, and then ate pizza...sat around forever after that! Good stuff. Seriously, this one devo had a significant impact on how I feel about attending University. It really helped me feel connected...I feel like it is my home now know...hangin out at the church building...I know it may sound a little silly, but I hadn't really found a place in Montgomery that made me feel like I belong there...I always have felt like a visitor...but I really think that this year I will be able to be more involved and have the fellowship aspect of church that I have been missing...and I don't think that this could have come at a better time. God works things out for us, and He definitely has been helping me get through some difficult times...and this one devo really did help me!

Oh---and one more really good thing!! You know that reading I needed to do this afternoon...after the devo I came in the room, sat down, and read all 55 pages of Great Books that I needed to read! YAY!! This really is quite an accomplishment for me..and I'm gonna keep it up!!! hehe...well, enough for now...goodnite