Sunday, August 01, 2004

The Best Weekend of the Entire Summer!!!

This weekend really was the best!!! Ashley got here Thursday night...bless her heart, her 3 1/2 hour drive turned into a 6 1/2 hour drive due to the MISdirections of MapQuest. But she got here safely so that's all that matters! We had so much fun hangin out that night...laughing all night while on the phone with another one of our fun friends!! Surprisingly enough..we didn't get much sleep.

The next morning I had to go to work, but after that, Ashley and I had ourselves some fun at Applebees, the park, Goodwill, and the purse/jewelry warehouse store...tons of fun I tell you!
And then....was the youth rally!!! SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! The lesson was great that night, and then our boys got there to perform...Cornerstone!! Yay--oh yeah, it was Cornerstone and their manager for the weekend, Miller! haha Anyways....the youth rally was fun that night! Then everyone went to the house for some real fun times! We watched Serendipity, ate some (apparently gross) popcorn and just hung out till...umm...well, let's just say it was late, and that night I got less sleep than the night before!!

The next day was more happy youth rally!!! 2 more awesome lessons brought to us by Lonnie Jones!! Another wonderful Cornerstone performance...Ahh such a good happy fun wonderful youth rally! They are always great, but I think it made it even better having my friends there!! After lunch Ashley and I went to the library to help with the summer reading program party, it was actually really fun, we had been dreading it...but it wasn't bad at all. Then we went to the Family Cookout at the Nesbitt's...that was fun, *hey Rach--we gotta talk about that friend of yours!!! ;)* It was really sad when we left the cookout, cause the boys had to drive home that night...sigh...but we made the best of it by having a crazy fun drive home---OH YEAH--- with one exception...if you really want to know...ask me why I am the biggest idiot in the world, I really should not be allowed to drive... anyways...

Ashley had to leave before church this morning...and I hated seeing her go, but I'll see her in less than 2 weeks!! yay!!! Love her!!! SOOOO much!! One of my best friends right there.
You a way, I am kinda glad that all my friends had to go home before church, because this morning was really emotional. Our youth minister has taken a job in Orlando, and this morning was really hard cause he is right this minute, on his way there...He's been my youth minister since I was in 7th grade....and it was just a really hard morning...I would have been embarressed because I cried all morning. Scott (the youth minister) leads singing too, so when he started that first song this morning...well, that's when the tears started leaking out of my eyes, and then when they had the special thing at the end of the service for him...yeah...I cried a lot...luckily I was prepared and I had brought in some napkins (couldn't find tissues...) I know that with Scott gone, things are going to be a lot different, but it is better for Scott, and God has a plan for us...I'm just going to have to not worry about it and put it in God's hands...just like what I need to do with everything else...I trust Him...and I know that He'll take care of me.

Anyway...I am very excited about getting back to Faulkner Thursday!!!!! What a wonderful way to spend my last weekend at home...with my friends!!! I couldn't have asked for anything better!! yay!!!