Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Pledge Week is Over...thank goodness!

Yeah, it's over, and for that I am thankful!!!! We have a good new group of girls and I am excited, and that is all I have to say about that. That's all for now.

Just had a serious conversation with Clay...I have a lot to think about.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Pledge Week has started....

...and I think I almost liked it better as a pledge...

ok, not REALLY, but there is a lot more stress involved in this than the pledges see. It has been a rough day. I hope that everything works out ok....I'll give details later...

Side note--funny accomplishment...

....I have to add this...just because I want to remember it and so...........I'm going to put it on here. The week of September 12-18th (yes, the time of the hurricane) I was voted "Delta Hottie of the Week" by my Epsilon brothers. sigh....what a confidence booster! I was the 2nd one in history!! (this is a new tradtion by the way) hehe...I enjoyed it!! ANYWAY>> enough of that.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Sooo...about this Hurricane...

Yeah...it has definitely been an interesting week/weekend!! haha...Hurricane Ivan came ripping through this town I call home away from home..yes...Montgomery, AL. Luckily it wasn't as bad as they were expecting it to be! There were some crazy strong winds and A LOT of hard rains...but we were all fine, only a couple of uprooted trees in our yard...lots of branches and limbs...some houses in the ares did have trees fall on their houses...we were lucky....oh, by the way, me and Brittany Fish stayed with Miller's family Tuesday nite through this afternoon. We all certainly made the best of a bad situation. Chad stayed over too, so the weekenders had an extended weekend full of movies...well, until the power went off... OH-I did have my first Mellow Mushroom experience last night. Tons of good fun. I was glad that I got to get to know Carly and Alan better too....Now it is just Friday night, so I still have a full weekend ahead of me. I am going to be soooo spoiled by all of these long weekends! I'm tellin ya!

Pledge Week starts Sunday nite, so this is certainly going to be a VERY busy week! At least I am not Pledging!!!!! I am already an active member of my wonderful club, Delta XI Omega. Yay!

Anyway, enough for now. I hope my sis had a good b-day Wednesday! I miss both of my sisters and my mommy and daddy! Love you all! ( and of course the rest of my family too!!!) ;)

Thursday, September 09, 2004

It's Thursday Nite....

...and I am ready for another weekend of fun!! haha...it really seems like last weekend was still just yesterday! But no complaints here!!! hehe

I am going to my first Braves Game EVER tomorrow night! I am kinda excited about that...I hope it is fun! Oh--what am I saying..it will be!!

Right now for me...I am just enjoying my time... just having fun....hanging out with friends...no worries...I know that what needs to happen with stuff....will...and it doesn't need to be in my time....it's in God's...and only then will everything REALLY work out how it should.

Well, I am off for some fun with my "weekenders".

Monday, September 06, 2004

The last night....

...well, the last night of the fun weekend! Sundays are always good days, I accidentally overslept and was a little late for Sunday School, but I made it, so it's all good. After church, me, Chad, Wes, and Addison went out to eat at LaBamba...made for an....interesting lunch, and that is all I will say about that one. After lunch we watched a movie and then I hung out with the girls before church. After church some of us went to Arbys and that was great because I hadn't had Arbys in FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I really need my job to start soon, because I NEED money!!

After Arbys we went to WalMart, and then we went "pool hopping"...what is that?? Oh, we just went swimming at 3 different pools....haha, it was really an interesting night. After swimming Brittany and I were treated to the BIG size Icee and we ended up swinging on the gazebo swing for a long time.

SO now I am in my room at 3:15, I woke up an hour ago, and I am HUNGRY!!! I need food! haha...I also need to study and do homework, so I suppose I will go do that now. :)

Saturday, September 04, 2004

The night that never ended...and continued onto today..

Yeah....had way too much fun last night. There was dinner in the cafe..singing at University...movie at Nova...swiming at Steph's apartment where we stayed the night...two more movies there....got to back to Faulkner this morning...showered...went to the cafe for brunch with the group....hung out in the lobby ALL AFTERNOON..then went to Stevie B's for a 3:45 dinner...now I'm in the room....waiting for more fun to begin! I love the weekends!! :) haha...I would be more detailed....but some things you just can't tell everyone on the internet! HAHA ;) hehe

More later....

Friday, September 03, 2004

It's been a couple of days...

...since I last blogged...I'm tellin you. There is so much going on and I am just so busy..but I love being busy and having stuff to do!!! Tonight was fun...another movie night...a fun event that I have come to enjoy a whole lot!

My week started off a little rough...I think a lot of people's weeks started off badly...BUT..it's all good now! Everything is worked out with my close friend (love ya!!!). you know...lack of communication is the cause of most problems...sheesh..if only us as humans would just communicate...my fault there for sure.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in, but I think that I may decide to go to bed...well, now. I am sooooo sleepy!! soooo.....nite! ;)