Monday, August 09, 2004

A good Sunday!

So, this morning I slept a little ready in about 35 minutes and wasn't late for bible class, yes, I am the master...haha, jk....anyway. After church I went to Wings with a bunch of people for was pretty exciting because I got to see people I hadn't seen in forever!!! Jon Gentry and Stephanie were there, it was great to see them!! OH--plus, I had never eaten there before, so I enjoyed the new experience...yes, I know that I am a dork!! ha

Went to the Biscuits baseball game tonight with the freshman experience stuff!! They played the Chattanooga Lookouts, pretty ironic considering when I was at home and I went to see the Lookouts for the 1st time, they were playing the Biscuits...craziness I tell you!

Well, I've been soooo tired all day so I need some sleep!! HA HA!! :) goodnight!!