Monday, September 13, 2010

so my lil newlywed sister has a blog now...

And I think you should check it out here
While were are talking about my dear little sister,
why don't I share with you some of her beautiful pictures!

Karissa & her husband, Kyle.
Aren't they just absolutely, perfectly adorable?!

(Check out the TOMS that are represented on this occasion.)

The complete family picture...

Kayla & I love having a new brother!

The ceremony couldn't have been more perfect.
It was held in the City Park of New Orleans.

I might have cried the most during this beautiful moment.
Dad led such a touching prayer of blessing over them.
To have both Kyle's dad and our dad up there was so special...

These two are perfect for each other.
No question about it.

I couldn't be more happy for them!
So I would like to introduce to you all,
for the first time on this blog,
Mr. & Mrs. Ferguson.

Rissy-sissy, I love you.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

look and be amazed...

"Look around at the nations;
look and be amazed!
For I am doing something in your own day,
something you wouldn't believe
even if someone told you about it."
-Habakkuk 1:5

I don't really have much more to say today.
I've been a little burnt out when it comes to blogging,
but I am hoping to make a come back soon.

Until then, let the Spirit and this exciting Scripture stir up something within you. 
I know it has in me....