Tuesday, August 03, 2004

"Patience is a virtue"

....that's what my mom told me last night when I was getting ready to leave for a cookout. "It's a big storm out there Jenna, just wait it out..." I was already late, and I did not feel like being later. "Mom, it's just rain, it's not going to hurt me or anything?!?!" Well, my mom didn't agree. I sat there for a minute, and then I looked at her, with one of those expressions that say--"This is really stupid, can you please let me grow up?!?!?"
As usual, her response was, "Ask your father." So I turned, and looked at my dad...and just as I expected, he replied, "Go on, have fun, be careful.." Score, 10 points for the Dad!! He always is the voice of reason in these type situations...

So I get in the car.... and I don't get more than 5 streets down the road, and the rain starts falling harder...and faster...and the next thing I knew...huge chunks of ice begin beating down on me and my nice, new, not-so-clean vehicle. I couldn't see a thing!!! So I pulled over at the gas station....got out the cell, and called my mom....

I could SEE it in her voice....arms crossed, head shaking..."I told you so." With an exasperated sigh I replied, "I know..." She continued, "Now Jenna, what does the Bible say?? What is a virtue???" "Patience Mom... Patience is a virtue."

And that is my lesson for the day. Patience is a virtue. And it is a good thing to practice in EVERY aspect of my life. I mean, if I rush into something...before the storm of it all is over...well, I'm pretty much going to get stuck in all the HAIL!!!

(Ashley, I hope you enjoy the hidden meaning of this one!! ;)