Thursday, August 05, 2004

Today is the Big Day!!

Well, I am about to finish loading up the car...I am on my way back to school!!!! The moment I have been waiting for since....well...since I got in the car to come home for the summer.... but for some reason, I am a little hesitant. I KNOW!!!! What is wrong with me!?!?!?! It's crazy for sure....but it really does make since.

First of all, I am so excited about getting to be with my friends again, however, I am a little nervous about how things are going to go in some situations....I know it's going to be good, but that is just one MINOR concern on my mind right now....

Secondly, I am really going to miss being with my family---Yes Mom, take your hand, and gently lift your jaw up to it's normal position---It has been nice to be able to spend time with them, and they have really been my friends this summer, because I didn't have ANY in Cleveland. Love em for it too!!! (even though I often complained...)

Thirdly, and the reason I think I am most hesitant to leave, is Central. I love my church family so much!!! I have been a part of that family for a good 13 years...and now my family is facing some really hard times. We are in search for a pulpit minister AND a youth minister. I hate that I am not going to be there throughout this whole process, because I want to help. My prayers will be with Central....and the youth group...and all the adults...everyone...because I'm telling you, it's been a hard summer, and I can't imagine having to deal with all that for much longer. I pray that we will all encourage one another, because it is getting hard to avoid Satan's trap of discouragement...but together, we can do it!! Fellowship among Christian brethren...God's unique design...a way for us to build one another up...Let's follow the plan and help each other!!!
I'm also scared that once we get our new ministers, I won't have the same, close relationship that I have had with James and Scott. I won't be there...I won't have the chance for them to really know me...but this too I must not worry about...Faith....something that I have really had to learn to rely on this summer... God is in control, He knows what's best, and He's going to make it happen for me. And that's really all I need to know.

I pray that God will help me let go of all these things, and help me to have another fabulous year at Faulkner...and you know what, I know it will be! I have a Father, and I have the faith. I have a Savior, who gives me strength. I have Joy, because I have Jesus. And that will NEVER change!

Well then, I guess I had better get off this computer and get going.... : )