Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday...What a Day...

Today has been one of those days that I can't seem to concentrate well. Why is that? Well...I suppose I have a lot on my mind.... Plus I know that I need to get more sleep! So I am just going to write a little bit of stuff down on this here blog. Be will be confusing...cause I can't make sense of it all how should you expect to!!! hehe ;)

Have you ever just been so curious about how something might work out...whether or not your thinking that it could is accurate....what might be affected if it did...oh-and whether or not it is really worth thinking about because you don't know if it would/will ever happen/work out the way you would neither.....haha

I'm also concerned about a friend...worried about that person, but that person doesn't go to school with me anymore, so I don't see that person very often, but I have found out some things that concern me...I need to do something to help...but I am just not sure what that is exactly.... I need to pray that God will direct me in a way to approach the situation...a way that will help, not do more harm....

I'm also getting the feeling that another friend is upset with me...or at least...I dunno...I don't feel like she wants to be around me...and that has me a little distracted too. I don't think I did anything...and it's probably just a miscommunication...but it is bothering me a little.

Kickball starts today. Fun. Beth told me that I get to start. I'm a little nervous....I didn't feel too well today...but hopefully it will go well and Delta will win...cause yes, it is just kickball, but yes, it does count towards the SPORTS CLUB OF THE YEAR award...we've won this several years in a row now...not thinkin we want to end that streak...anyway...I've got Great Books in just a few minutes...sooo...I guess I should be going..(we got out of Computer early)...that's definitely enough of my babble for now...later