Tuesday, March 01, 2011

i love a pretty book...

So if you are ever trying to find the perfect gift for me...
 I can tell you exactly what I want...
(My birthday is 42 days away, so it's not to soon to put this out there.. 
 Annie, you agree with me, right?)

(image found here)

I have decided that these beauties are my newest favorite thing to collect! 
The days of Mary Engelbreit calendars have come to an end...
(Mom, I know M.E. had become a Christmas tradition, but I think this is a good replacement!) 
It is now all about the Penguin Classics!

I have officially started this new collection with the purchase of this lovely little thing:

I'm not gonna lie..
I definitely judge a book by it's cover.
But I think that's acceptable... as long as you are judging only books like that, not people.