Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Here Comes that Rainy Day Feelin Again...

Yep...It's raining...AGAIN!!! Oh well, at least it has still been a good day!!! Nothing special's just been good. I should be getting a package in the mail soon, and I am SOOO excited!!! Whoot whoot!!! hahaha Anyway..I am about to go finish my picture box that I am I'll holler later when there's more to shout.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Just another Manic Monday....

...I love that song!! Call me crazy, but 80s songs are some of the best!!!

So today I was Miss. Workin Girl. I made my way to the library...did a lot of shelving fun...then it was back to the house for food, clothing change, a short chat online, and out to Chattown for the Portrait Studio....and then...there was nothing to do. I wasted 5 hours sitting around. We didn't have a single appointment tonight...I did everything that I could find to do...and then I just read. The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis, is a pretty awesome book!!! And to top off the evening, after work I got to go to a devo tonight...wonderful day I would or no work...It felt like play!!! Wow... and that is my cue to leave...Goodnight.

I am one lucky kid...

....cause I have a great family!!!! many great and wonderful friends!!!! ....I have some wonderful examples in my life, people that I can really look up to, respect, and learn from!!!! ...I have such a large number of different circumstances and influences that have molded me into the person that I am today...and even with my quirks, and my faults and my mistakes...and even with those moments that I do feel down on the end of the day... I like who I am... and it'll be interesting to see exactly what I become, cause God is not done with me yet!

and that's just something that I was thinking about and I figured I'd write it down... so that whenever I might need to remind myself of it, it'll be there..

Saturday, June 26, 2004

I am my Mother's daughter... : )

When thinking back on my childhood, one thing that I remember is my mom and her crafts. She was always working on something...whether it be a new dress or an iron-on/puffy paint sweatshirt for me...or a new doll or trinket of some sort. My mom always had her craft supplies spread out across the dining room table...she even took us to some fun craft classes. We made pillows and T-shirts...ahhh, those were the days.
And now, as a sophmore in college, I find myself on this Saturday night, sitting at a card table in the middle of my sister's bedroom, with my tool box, that I made at camp this year, filled with colorful paints and crisp new paint brushes....."crafting." And I am lovin it! It for sure beats watching all the *nothing* that is on TV.
And one might be me in the dinning room, making a new dress or an iron-on/puffy paint sweatshirt...or a new doll or trinket of some sort...and I think I like that too... :)

**Um..I also decided that I want to write children's books, this entry reminded me of one**

On those Rainy Nights....

Yep, it seems to me that I think the best at night, and something about the rain puts me in such a serene mood, that my thoughts are able to flow more clearly than at other times when I just can't put my finger on the words I want to say.
When I got home at the beginning of the summer, I made a list. It's tucked away, at the head of my bed, between my photo albums...and I won't go into detail of exactly what this list contains...but it was basically things I saw in myself, that I didn't like. Things that I wanted to change so that I could truly be the best Christian example and simply the best person that I can be. And some of these things I have begun to accomplish. I have begun the process of becoming a self-suffient individual. Far from the point of true independence still---I admitt, I still need my parents...quite a bit actually...but I am on the right path. Working two jobs instead of my usual carefree summers has helped that process, along with the fact that I now have car payments that I am responsible for. There are several other things that I feel like I have improved on...BUT there is so much that I am so far from even making a dent of progress in...and those are the things that I want to work on most.
You know, it's really easy to make that list of things to do and things to improve on, but it is SO much harder to actually do them. I, personally, have allowed many frustrating circumstances to hinder me. And believe me, they are very frustrating...And I mean- they hinder me. But the thing is, they don't have to. I need to focus more on my Lord, and in doing that, I will be headed straight in the direction of my goals. Then those minor dilemmas will hardly be an issue, and I will know that I am making progress...

Friday, June 25, 2004

as Emerson so eloquently spoke

To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch... to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded!
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'd like to change one little thing....

Ok, so there is one thing that I said last night that I would like to change. I do not think that people would think- "man I'm glad i'm not her"-I think they would kinda envy know why. Because no matter what all I have to deal with...all those crazy things that happen...all that stuff that makes people go "poor girl"..I am still one of the happiest people you will ever come across. You know why? Because I have more than that temporary happiness... I have an overwhelming amount of joy that comes from a higher power. My Father in Heaven gives me this joy. Because I have a hope for something...a promise...that is so much more incredible than ANYTHING else!! And because of that hope, and because of that promise, and because of that joy--I can take on anything! Because I'm not doing it alone. And that my friend, is what makes me happy.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Ahh...the Irony of my life...

No details neccessary...just know that I should be in seems like I live all sorts of interesting story plots that people would love to watch, but they would leave, I sure am glad I'm not her. Yea for me!!

I was just thinkin....

You know...I can be a very impatient person. And it's weird, because with some things....I am the most kind and patient person ever-like when I am at work, taking pictures... that is really stressful, and people always tell me, you are so do you do it? And thinking about it, I am very patient with people usually, which is good I suppose...but I am so impatient with stuff. One minor example- I always HAVE to get one-hour photos...I just can't wait for my pictures to be sent off and come back. It takes- what?- 3 days? Sheesh...The major examples are now beginning to be pushed to the forefront of my mind now. How about the fact that sometimes I get so impatient with God (major big time no-no). It's like I ask God to do things on MY terms and on MY time schedule. And I get frustrated when it doesn't work out the way I want it to. You would think that after all these years, and all the things that God has done for me, and all the things that He made to work out in ways that I never would think that I would be able to let go and just give it all to GOd. You would think that I would automatically let Him take over...I mean He IS the one that will be able to do the best job...But for some reason, the human side of me always pushes God out of the drivers seat...don't get me wrong...I keep in the passengers seat--but is that not just as dumb!!! It's like I think- here God, let me take over, I can get us there so much faster with this short-cut, let me drive.
That is most definitely one of the many things that I need to work on...Prayers for that would be wonderful! Well, thanks for listening to me... Hope you all have an excellent day!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Well, Chick Fil A hates me now...

Yep, I guess I wouldn't be happy either if a bunch of college students came into my resturant 6 minutes before closing and proceeded to take their time eating and hanging out...But it wasn't me who got there that late...I was there 25 minutes before closing....that was Joseph, Courtney, Brayden, Josh, Ryan, and Jennifer...the rest of us weren't much trouble at all..but yet, I think they still despise all of us due to association, well, and the fact that we, too, remained in there, thus making the poor workers stay longer...they even had us locked in!?!?! Is that not the set up for a crazy horror flick. Oh well, we had fun at least. Not too much harm done. But I think they also hate ME because I always end up eating free!! *Thank you to my Delta sisters for selling calenders with coupons!!!* hehe...I had 3 sets... ;) *yum*yum*
--good times--good times--

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

On a serious note...

Today, one of my friends was having a very rough day. Some things have been happening that she doesn't understand, and she doesn't see the reason.... this is what I told her. It helps me to keep this in mind, so maybe someone else out there needs to hear it too...

I do not believe that everything happens for a reason. Bad things happen because sin is in the world, so there is this cycle of bad circumstances that happens because God gives us that freedom to decide how we are going to live..etc....HOWEVER... I BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! That GOD GIVES reason to EVERYTHING that happens to THOSE WHO TRUST HIM!!!

This is so true...God doesn't make the bad happen...God doesn't WANT us to hurt. But we will, and you know what... He is right there, ready to help us up, and ready to make things better for us.

Rom 8:28
"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

Eph 3:20
"Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power, that is at work within us."

2 Cor. 4:8-9,16-18
"We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed....Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. For our light affiction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen, but the things which are not seen. For the things which are seem are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal."

Boys....sometimes they can be sooooo weird

It seems to me, looking around at several current situations I find my friends in...that boys can be soooo weird--don't get me wrong, girls can definitely be weird too--but there must be something in the water that is making guys CONFUSING!!! I could name several people that within the past 2 days have mentioned that their guy has got them totally baffled! What is up with that? Sheesh... summer is fun and all, but it seems to just complicate some things in the lives of my dear pals. Anyway... I suppose it's times like these that make me almost appreciate the fact that I am a happy single young lady...
On a happier note...I decorated this photo album of mine that was just plain blue canvas, and now it is SOOOOO awesome looking!!! I am still impressed with myself. I like to look at it...hehehe *Mod Podge rocks* (atta girl Rissy!!) ;)

Monday, June 21, 2004

the day in the life of me, the Portrait Studio girl

well, I got done workin at the library...expecting to go home, put on my pjs and chill (as well as tackle the tremendous amount of laundry piled up from camp)...but no, it didn't happen that way. I got a call from my manager at the Studio..."JenJen...can you come in today?" of course I reply.. "Sure, no problem.." SO in I go. Today there were no appointments for the evening so I called a whole bunch of people to say--"Hey your pics are in" That took up an hour...leaving me with 4 more to go. So I color a piece of paper...Mom brought me some chicken salad..ate that...and then, out of the corner of my eye, I see a man approaching the front desk.."DO you have any openings...for right now?" Trying to maintain my composure...I calmly reply, "yes, we are free for the rest of the evening." In my head I am jumping for joy!!! This will keep me occupied for the next hour and a half. And did it ever. I actually had to stay 40 minutes over. WOW---I made a HUGE sale!! The baby was just 5 days old and I was the first person to ever take professional pictures of it. Isn't that special. One thing that broke my heart was that the great-grandmother had alzheimers..she was really grumpy when they got there, she had been having a bad day...but it ended up being a good experience. I felt like God had placed me there to help that family have a pleasant was the last day that the grandmother and great-grandmother were going to be in town. I am glad that I got to go in today, because so many today...I'm not just taking the family's pictures... I am playing a minor role in creating their I ever get serious on that one. And boy am I cheezy. But seriously, God can and will use me in everything I do, even when it seems to be something so insignificant. How awesome is that?!?!

Holla to my BillyBobTex!!!

Just another shoutout...Tex-hey.. hehee. This kid is HARD to catch, even when he's online he won't be there...crazy kid!!! It's because of him that Texas is soooo cool!!! Yea Tex!!! Whoo whoo!! anyway... I"ll be writing more soon....

I got that time changed!!!

Um... well, I got that time problem fixed. Yea!!! Thanks for the instructions... appreciate it.

Another Rach comment

So how about I LOVE my cuz!!! Rach is so great!! She is always here for me when I need advice about *stuff* ;) plus we always have so much crazy fun!!!! *My chocolate milk is how much?!?!* hehe...there are just some things you never forget..*where's the road?* *I'm gonna put you in the trunk!* ahh...memories. *ARK ARK* wow...this is almost too much for one entry, I think I will hold off on this trip down memory lane and leave with this last thought... Rach- I love you and I look forward to many more crazy adventures. Peace out.

see...Rach, I told you...

lupo: have you seen my blog?
rach: yep
rach: i'm not in it :(
rach: i shall take thee out of mine
lupo: :-\ you will be!!!!!!!!!!!
lupo: I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rach: yeah yeah
rach: and so it goes
lupo: Just wait... you'll see....

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Time on here is weird...

I just noticed that the time on this posting thingy is off by, like, 3 and a half hours.. so right now it's really 9:45 ish...just thought I'd let you know.. bye

Ahhh...another Sunday

Welp, another Sunday has come and a good one at that. Happy Father's Day to the him, love him... So for our Father's Day celebration, we ate at Cracker Barrel after church, and at Cracker Barrel, I came to a startling realization.... I no longer like Cracker Barrel pancakes. There I said it, I admitt it. After all these years of eating there and ONLY eating pancakes... I mean figure in about once a month, every month since I was five...give or take a few... that's 168 pancake meals!!!! Now, I have absolutely no clue what I am going to eat there from now's like there is a whole new world of possiblities out there for me---but yet, I feel a sense of sadness... this is the end of an era. (moment of silence) 1, 2, 3...I'm over it.

I washed my car today... shoo that was some hard work, the dirt was very much attached to my car... I think it was having trouble letting go of camp too ;) hehe I crack myself up..anyway...Dad sanded down the lovely scratch on my vehicle, so now I really have to get that touch up soon cause it sure nuff is showing BAD!!! *Dad- when you sand it... it does take some of the paint off* I'm going to have to remember that for next time---actually I hope there never is a next time...I will never park behind the cabins again.

How about I seriously CRASHED today... No, not my car, I'm not that bad now...I just sat down for one minute to see what Kapers was watching and I fell asleep. I eventually woke up 3 hours later. Good nap. Yea.

We had a preacher come and try out tonight at church... the search for a new minister has officially begun, and it makes me sad, but change is just a reality of life, so I'm going to have to get used to it. I think we are going to keep looking. This man seemed nice enough, but he had a hardcore radio announcer voice, and at one point, I swear, he sounded like the Grinch-- errr, that kinda freaked me out.. but oh well. I definitely need to pray that I will have an open mind through all of this and that we will find the person that will be best for Central.

Well, had me my Mexican tonight with the youth group--tons of loud, crazy fun!!! Yea!!! then we visited Grandpa..and now...I am usual evening activity. What an exciting life I lead...well that's all for now... *holla wotie*

sometimes I can really confuse myself

you know...sometimes I can really confuse myself... I pay attention to so many random things that happen around me, that I find myself needing to know what all is going on... I need to just chill and go with the flow.. shoo, the best stuff happens when you least expect it ;) right my dear friends.. you know who you are *wink wink* you gotta love camp, and I love my sister. I also love my new bud Donny. I would have to say that he is the funnest kid in the universe!!! *some people wanna fill the world---huhuhu* *NAHHHH savania* I have this newfound love for the Lion King, go figure ;)
anyway... I am really gonna like writing funny random stuff in here. and I bet my friends will too, that way I won't feel the need to share it with the constantly. Oh well... Can't wait to hit the jaccuzzi next summer in the Blue Ridge Mtns. Analogies...gotta love them, but they are kinda like inside jokes, you have to know the significance. Holla woties!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2004

I have my own blog now!!!

So now I am super siked cause I am finally on my own website...I am so excited.. now I can share all kinds of stupid stuff on here!! Yea!! Um.. I'll write more later.. I just want to see it now.