Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Well, Chick Fil A hates me now...

Yep, I guess I wouldn't be happy either if a bunch of college students came into my resturant 6 minutes before closing and proceeded to take their time eating and hanging out...But it wasn't me who got there that late...I was there 25 minutes before closing....that was Joseph, Courtney, Brayden, Josh, Ryan, and Jennifer...the rest of us weren't much trouble at all..but yet, I think they still despise all of us due to association, well, and the fact that we, too, remained in there, thus making the poor workers stay longer...they even had us locked in!?!?! Is that not the set up for a crazy horror flick. Oh well, we had fun at least. Not too much harm done. But I think they also hate ME because I always end up eating free!! *Thank you to my Delta sisters for selling calenders with coupons!!!* hehe...I had 3 sets... ;) *yum*yum*
--good times--good times--


Josephine said...

hi jen, u've got an interesting blog too!!
to post a photo u've got to d/l the Hello thing.. i m sure u came across it somewhere.. should be @ the profile,the part where they ask u to type ur photo URL.. i think there's a link there.. d/l it and then u can follow the instructions.. happy trying ;)