Monday, June 21, 2004

the day in the life of me, the Portrait Studio girl

well, I got done workin at the library...expecting to go home, put on my pjs and chill (as well as tackle the tremendous amount of laundry piled up from camp)...but no, it didn't happen that way. I got a call from my manager at the Studio..."JenJen...can you come in today?" of course I reply.. "Sure, no problem.." SO in I go. Today there were no appointments for the evening so I called a whole bunch of people to say--"Hey your pics are in" That took up an hour...leaving me with 4 more to go. So I color a piece of paper...Mom brought me some chicken salad..ate that...and then, out of the corner of my eye, I see a man approaching the front desk.."DO you have any openings...for right now?" Trying to maintain my composure...I calmly reply, "yes, we are free for the rest of the evening." In my head I am jumping for joy!!! This will keep me occupied for the next hour and a half. And did it ever. I actually had to stay 40 minutes over. WOW---I made a HUGE sale!! The baby was just 5 days old and I was the first person to ever take professional pictures of it. Isn't that special. One thing that broke my heart was that the great-grandmother had alzheimers..she was really grumpy when they got there, she had been having a bad day...but it ended up being a good experience. I felt like God had placed me there to help that family have a pleasant was the last day that the grandmother and great-grandmother were going to be in town. I am glad that I got to go in today, because so many today...I'm not just taking the family's pictures... I am playing a minor role in creating their I ever get serious on that one. And boy am I cheezy. But seriously, God can and will use me in everything I do, even when it seems to be something so insignificant. How awesome is that?!?!