Friday, June 25, 2004

I'd like to change one little thing....

Ok, so there is one thing that I said last night that I would like to change. I do not think that people would think- "man I'm glad i'm not her"-I think they would kinda envy know why. Because no matter what all I have to deal with...all those crazy things that happen...all that stuff that makes people go "poor girl"..I am still one of the happiest people you will ever come across. You know why? Because I have more than that temporary happiness... I have an overwhelming amount of joy that comes from a higher power. My Father in Heaven gives me this joy. Because I have a hope for something...a promise...that is so much more incredible than ANYTHING else!! And because of that hope, and because of that promise, and because of that joy--I can take on anything! Because I'm not doing it alone. And that my friend, is what makes me happy.