Sunday, June 20, 2004

Ahhh...another Sunday

Welp, another Sunday has come and a good one at that. Happy Father's Day to the him, love him... So for our Father's Day celebration, we ate at Cracker Barrel after church, and at Cracker Barrel, I came to a startling realization.... I no longer like Cracker Barrel pancakes. There I said it, I admitt it. After all these years of eating there and ONLY eating pancakes... I mean figure in about once a month, every month since I was five...give or take a few... that's 168 pancake meals!!!! Now, I have absolutely no clue what I am going to eat there from now's like there is a whole new world of possiblities out there for me---but yet, I feel a sense of sadness... this is the end of an era. (moment of silence) 1, 2, 3...I'm over it.

I washed my car today... shoo that was some hard work, the dirt was very much attached to my car... I think it was having trouble letting go of camp too ;) hehe I crack myself up..anyway...Dad sanded down the lovely scratch on my vehicle, so now I really have to get that touch up soon cause it sure nuff is showing BAD!!! *Dad- when you sand it... it does take some of the paint off* I'm going to have to remember that for next time---actually I hope there never is a next time...I will never park behind the cabins again.

How about I seriously CRASHED today... No, not my car, I'm not that bad now...I just sat down for one minute to see what Kapers was watching and I fell asleep. I eventually woke up 3 hours later. Good nap. Yea.

We had a preacher come and try out tonight at church... the search for a new minister has officially begun, and it makes me sad, but change is just a reality of life, so I'm going to have to get used to it. I think we are going to keep looking. This man seemed nice enough, but he had a hardcore radio announcer voice, and at one point, I swear, he sounded like the Grinch-- errr, that kinda freaked me out.. but oh well. I definitely need to pray that I will have an open mind through all of this and that we will find the person that will be best for Central.

Well, had me my Mexican tonight with the youth group--tons of loud, crazy fun!!! Yea!!! then we visited Grandpa..and now...I am usual evening activity. What an exciting life I lead...well that's all for now... *holla wotie*