Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Boys....sometimes they can be sooooo weird

It seems to me, looking around at several current situations I find my friends in...that boys can be soooo weird--don't get me wrong, girls can definitely be weird too--but there must be something in the water that is making guys CONFUSING!!! I could name several people that within the past 2 days have mentioned that their guy has got them totally baffled! What is up with that? Sheesh... summer is fun and all, but it seems to just complicate some things in the lives of my dear pals. Anyway... I suppose it's times like these that make me almost appreciate the fact that I am a happy single young lady...
On a happier note...I decorated this photo album of mine that was just plain blue canvas, and now it is SOOOOO awesome looking!!! I am still impressed with myself. I like to look at it...hehehe *Mod Podge rocks* (atta girl Rissy!!) ;)


buffy said...

boys are soooo confusing! you go girl.