Sunday, June 20, 2004

sometimes I can really confuse myself

you know...sometimes I can really confuse myself... I pay attention to so many random things that happen around me, that I find myself needing to know what all is going on... I need to just chill and go with the flow.. shoo, the best stuff happens when you least expect it ;) right my dear friends.. you know who you are *wink wink* you gotta love camp, and I love my sister. I also love my new bud Donny. I would have to say that he is the funnest kid in the universe!!! *some people wanna fill the world---huhuhu* *NAHHHH savania* I have this newfound love for the Lion King, go figure ;)
anyway... I am really gonna like writing funny random stuff in here. and I bet my friends will too, that way I won't feel the need to share it with the constantly. Oh well... Can't wait to hit the jaccuzzi next summer in the Blue Ridge Mtns. Analogies...gotta love them, but they are kinda like inside jokes, you have to know the significance. Holla woties!!!