Monday, June 21, 2004

see...Rach, I told you...

lupo: have you seen my blog?
rach: yep
rach: i'm not in it :(
rach: i shall take thee out of mine
lupo: :-\ you will be!!!!!!!!!!!
lupo: I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rach: yeah yeah
rach: and so it goes
lupo: Just wait... you'll see....


Rachel said...

nice try jen-a-v... you're trying to be like me... haha... just kidding... thanks for putting me in your blog... even though you only did it because i pointed it out to you :P


Tom said...

you can change the posting time if you want.

go to dashboard and then settings, then formatting.

It lets you pick your time zone.

Have fun with the blog.