Monday, July 26, 2004

Happy time

No more sad entry for today-----it's happy time!
                   I love my Mommy!
                   I love my Daddy!
                   I love my sisters!
                   I love all of my family!!!!!
                   I love Rach!
                   I love all of my friends! 
                       (not even gonna start namin names...would be a LONG list!!)
                   I love Faulkner!
                   I love Camp Wetoga!
                   I love life!
                   I LOVE GOD!!!!!
And the youth rally is this weekend and this is the last week of my jobs and next week I get to see my friends and meet new people and I am blessed beyond imagination!!!! YAY!!!!
AND!!!! Ashley is coming this weekend for the youth rally and I am so excited cause we are going to have fun and Cornerstone will be here so it will almost be like Seneca, but with half the sisters not there...but the 2 of us will be rockin anyway!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rachel said...

well i'm glad to see (or read) that you are in a happier mood... it's about time, moe... by the way, i luv u 2!