Thursday, July 22, 2004

A Breath of Fresh Air...

       Well, you all can probably tell, things have been kinda rough for me the past couple of weeks. I've been really discouraged about many different things..confused...frustrated...and clueless as to how to handle these different situations.  Anyway, this week, the East Brainerd Youth Group (were I often attend) was at Camp Wetoga for their week of camp...well of course I wanted to go, but of course I had to work...BLAH!! Anyway... I was able to make it down to camp yesterday. I left after work at the library and drove as fast as I could into those Blue Ridge Mountains...I got there, and it was relief!!!  It was wonderful! I really needed some that is not to say that I didn't still have all that stuff on my mind..cause I did, and I still do....but, still...
      This morning I went to the Bible class, and we watched this video clip, and then we had time to sit, and think about things...meditate on God...spend time with Him... Our teacher told us to write down what we were thinking...and I think I am going to write it in here so that I can see it often and remember....

                          here I am, sitting in this mess hall that I have grown to love... so many memories of wonderful, powerful lessons I have heard in here...memories of all the fun I have had in here with so many different people over the years.
                          these memories are full of joy, encouragement, upliftment, pure fellowship, some hard times, but most of all,
                         times I have felt the closest to my Lord...
                         and all of this
                              This Hope
                              This Joy
                              This Peace
                              This LIFE
                        is because of Him!
                       I owe this life to Him!
His sacrifice gives me the opportunity to have that-and the opportunity to go to Heaven- where all of this joy will be multiplied by ETERNITY! and for that--I owe Him my life! ALL of it!
      and even in times like now, when things are so hard- He is in control, and I will follow Him!


Rachel said...

i love you

Nicole said...

Jenna!!! I am extremely jealous you got to go back to camp!!! I have only been one year and i have grown to love that place like home! It's so-oo wonderful and I even now can't WAIT to go back next year!!!