Tuesday, February 03, 2009

this was no protein bar...

Dear Denny's,

Thank you for the invitation to dine with you today! You added much excitement to my day. It was nice of you to hand out rain-check coupons for those of us that did not have time to wait around. Even though I didn't take one, my friends and I were up for the wait, I still appreciate the gesture. The pancakes were really good, and I didn't even run out of syrup! I was surprised that I cleaned my plate-- I even enjoyed the sausage. (I'm sorry that I was kinda scared of it at first. You proved me wrong.) 

I may get in trouble for hanging out with you today, (nothing against you, you've just got a lot more calories than my Special K meal bar) , but I am willing to suffer the consequences. I've probably got a date with a certain treadmill later this evening.... misery, but today, and only today, you were worth it! 

Thanks again! Next time you host such a big event, let me know! I'll be there!

(as well as Cody, Brock, & Autumn)


katie said...

i'm jealous... the only denny's here is on the other side of town and my short lunch break didn't permit me to go. breakfast food sounds soooo good!

jenna said...

I found out that the grandslam has 770 calories. I doubt that includes the syrup.... oye vey..... ;)