Wednesday, February 04, 2009

fun times with numbers...

I was never a huge fan of math.
I made my 1st B in the 5th grade. Honors math was not my friend that year.
(Thank you to Michelle King for helping me. By help, she sometimes let me copy her homework answers. I know. That is cheating. I have always felt bad for it. I felt worse that it didn't help any. I still got a B.)
I despised the complicated theories that mathematics always seemed to bring with it; however, I loved numbers. 

I know. 

This is strange. 

I think it has something to do with the somewhat obsessive compulsive aspect of my personality. I like patterns. I like order. I like when things fit together. I like for things to balance. Sure, I am just now really getting the hang of a budget, and I've not fully mastered the art of balancing my checkbook, but I am making progress. 

When I was in elementary school and I had math homework that I did not feel like doing, I would sometimes pretend that I was a business woman at work in my office. I would sit at my desk with a lamp pointed at my homework or "accounting papers" and think/talk to myself in a British accent, pausing pensively for dramatic effect. Yes. I was alone in my room. 

This afternoon I:
- checked the status of my financial loan, figuring out how much of my last payment went towards the principle & how much towards interest. I was giddy when I realized what a chunk of principle I paid off.
- while trying to figure out the prospective expensive for my upcoming Girls Retreat, I was, with much delight, adding numbers and dividing them and doing all that wonderful simple math. The best part was catching an error on the hotel's part that would have cost us almost $2,000. 
- I also checked my bank account online to see what checks had cleared and how much money I actually had in my account. 

It was then that I realized -- as an adult (cough cough), I am living the dream... 

It is no longer pretend. 

It's real life. 

But maybe, at times, I still use a British accent.


katie said...

hahaha... i wish i could have seen little jenna play accountant with a british accent...

katie said...

ummm, sorry... double comment :)

I wish we lived close to each other too! You know, we do have a rather large children's books publishing company in town... I'm just sayin'... Sounds like Jenna to me!!

jenna said...

haha!! I love the double comment! :)

Hmm... a children's books publishing company, eh? That does sound like an old childhood dream of mine...

You know... we do have a rather large .... hospital in town!!! I'm just sayin'.... You could transfer! :)