Friday, February 13, 2009

a little interview...

... by my sbf,Katie! I saw the post where she was interviewed and decided that I would join in on the fun (even though I usually these things... I still haven't written a facebook note on 25 random things about me. I may be the only individual on facebook that has not..). Below are the questions she sent me and my answers. Enjoy!

1.  What is your biggest goal for 2009?

My biggest goal for 2009 can pretty much be summed up by one word:surrender. At the end of '08, I was very convicted about the things I had been pursing. When I moved to Huntsville to work at Mayfair, I put a lot of pressure on myself in my ministry. Because of this, I started pursuing my "ministry" WAY more than I was pursuing GOD. I was really feeling the effects of this by the end of the year. I also found myself pursing relationships with other people over HIM. My goal for this year is to surrender all of these things, and everything else, to HIM, and pursue HIM above all else. 

Let me just say, this is not easy.


2.  What would you call your perfect Saturday afternoon?

Hmm... my perfect Saturday afternoon... I have trouble with these type questions, because I can dream up all kinds of wonderful scenarios, and I have no idea which of these delightful ideas I might call "perfect." Even though this may make me sound like a silly little dreamer of a girl, I think the perfect Saturday won't be composed of a series of perfect events, but it will include a certain special individual... this individual will be my love... and I don't know who this man will be, but I look forward to some lovely, lazy (or adventurous) Saturdays with him.


3.  If I were to come visit your hometown, where would you take me and why?


Oh my hometown of Cleveland, Tennessee. I'm not going to lie, there's not much happening in Cleveland. (Katie, it is NO WHERE NEAR as cool as Greenville.) However, there are still some special places I would take you. 1)My home - my favorite place in Cleveland. We would hang out with the fam.. sit in the dining room chatting with Mom, go out into the field to look for golfballs with Dad and the dog, and chill with the sisters in the basement. & 2) Tinsley Park. The courts I played high school tennis on are there, as well as an AMAZING playground w/ walking trails. I like spending time there; I don't do it nearly enough...

4. What is your most embarrassing moment?


When this question comes up, I have my one go-to answer. But honestly, I don't think it is my life's MOST embarrassing moment. But I can never seem to think of these moments when the questions are asked... maybe I've blocked them from my memory for some reason... Since I can't think of a really good one, I will use my go-to answer. It was the 4th grade. Gym class. We were doing volleyball drills... practicing our serves or something, and the boy I had SUCH a crush on was in my group. (So of course I was really excited about this fact.) Short version of the story - there was a HUGE hole in the back of my pants & somehow I hadn't noticed. Couldn't get in touch with Mom to bring me new pants, so I walked around with my principal's sweatshirt wrapped around my waste. It was a Wednesday, so I had church that night. Because I was SO cool (ha) I decided to wear this navy sweatshirt with bold golden yellow letters to church. With bold golden yellow leggings. What did the sweatshirt say?

Cause I'm the Principal - That's Why.

(ha!!!) That part of the story may be the most embarrassing thing..

5. If you were a cookie, what kind would you be and why?

Oh dear, another one of these type questions. If I were a cookie... hmm... Because I have been on an extreme diet for this stupid weight loss contest (can you tell I am tired of this ban on sweets?), I have a very strong craving right now... And I don't know if I would be this cookie and why or why not.. but right now I really want a big, thick, warm & gooey, chocolate chip cookie. And some milk. And I want it to be really big... like.. never-ending. So there you go. This question was torture.

If you would like to play along here are the directions:
1. Leave me a comment & your e-mail address saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. (You get to choose the questions.) The first five 'askers' get the interview (if I even have that many out there reading)!


katie said...

good answers! i'm sorry i tortured you with my last question... my bad. and i'm pretty sure you've told me that embarassing story before... hahaha! love you!

kwərk said...

I did this! My friend Kyla interviewed me!

We would definitely have gotten along in fourth grade, I'm pretty sure I would have encouraged the sweatshirt decision. ;)

And if I were a cookie, I'd be a vegan snickerdoodle. It's a CLASSIC (vegan!) sugar cookie with a TWIST (the cinnamon sugar!).

Love ya, Jenna!

Abbie said...

Nice interview. I especially like #4!

Oh, and I created the signature through a website... (I think). You just go through the wizard, copy the HTML, and post it. (You have to find the box that says "Post Template" and paste it there. It is somewhere in the Settings tab.)

naomi megan. said...

oh yes! i also want to be a big thick gooey warm chocolate chip cookie. so good!!!!