Thursday, April 29, 2010

exciting things from cali; part iii...

And the third thing I loved about Cali was:

going to 
newport beach!
Sure, it was windy, cloudy & cold...
But hey, it's the OC.
And that, my friend, was very exciting!

(me & Ashley taking advantage of a good photo op)

(Cody, Matt, Ashley & me. Cody loves these kind of pictures, can't you tell?)

(Ashley & Cody. Aren't they precious?)

We had a really good time for the 15 minutes we were on that beach!

Dear Cali,
Next time I visit,
how about you show me that 
famous California sunshine?
Just sayin...


Stacy said...

I'm loving your Cali posts! Keep 'em coming!! Since it appears that you are blogging them in every 15 minutes of activity you may have 47 more to go, huh? :) Just kidding, you know. :)

jenna said...

Thanks Stacy! Technically* I have about 43 to go.. haha! Sadly, there will only be a couple more posts, but I'll try to make them good ones! :) Love you!

*there was nothing technical about that. No math was used in the posting of this comment.

TefMarie said...

I love your cali posts! I have been watching 'the hills' lately and I am very envious every time they are at pinkberry...glad you got to go.

it's way cool to hang in the o.c. so I don't blame you for hanging out at Newport.

I bought a shirt on clearance at old navy last week just because it says Laguna Beach. sad but true.

Amelia said...

yay for cali! yay even more for montgomery!

Iva said...

YAY! so glad you had such a nice time!! Hope you get to come out our way soon again!! :)