Thursday, April 08, 2010

my calendar tells me...

... that my birthday is only 5 days away!
It also tells me that the day of my 5K is fast approaching.
It, along with the MYM Girls Retreat, is only 9 days away!
California trip - 12 days.
Karissa's graduation - 22 days.
Family vacay - 30 days.
Senior Sunday - 38 days.
Summer Interns arrive - 43 days.
JH Family Beach Retreat - 50 days.
Karissa's WEDDING - 72 days.

And that is just to name a few.

My life is pretty crazy busy.
(But I love it.)

(For the month of April, my calender also happens to have this picture of a girl that kinda looks like me, don't you think?)


Lana said...

Definitely looks like you but very cute! You have lots of fun coming up! =)

Amelia said...

love your new design! and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!

california?? have fun and be safe. :) i love you.