Wednesday, April 28, 2010

exciting things from cali; part ii...

And the second thing I loved about Cali was:

meeting donald miller!
and getting my picture with him!

Yes, it is true that I have a crush on him.
Yes, it is true that I wish I had given him my number.
Yes, I do {not so} secretly hope he sees this.
And yes, I know that I sound like a middle school girl.


annie said...

Um... I am so jealous!!

You look so great in this picture... California suits you! :)

Jessica said...

What? How cool are you?!?!? What were you doing in California and how did you meet him? Full story, please! His body language tells me he is totally into!

jenna said...

Thanks Annie! I love me some Cali!

And Jessica, I went to the Catalyst West Coast conference. It was incredible. I will tell you all about it when you are in Huntsville next week!! :)