Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the power of the spoken word...

This past weekend at Gulf Coast Getaway, I was introduced to Amena Brown.

She is a beat poet.

She is incredible.

She shared a few of her poems with us on Saturday evening, and it was so powerful.
I can't begin to explain how moved I was by her words.

The spoken word.

There is so much power in the spoken word.

Check her out:

(p.s. - You can purchase her recorded poems on iTunes. I just did.)


Jessica said...

wow. that evoked something in me that i can't quite pinpoint. maybe it was a lot of things. i can only imagine how powerful that must have been in person.

TefMarie said...

she was good! i didn't know what to expect but her words were amazing. I liked the one about cashing her chips in.

I think I saw you at Gulfcoast from afar.

jenna said...

Hey! I thought I saw you at Gulf Coast too!! Man.. we really should have talked to each other. haha! And I agree, the one about cashing in her chips was so awesome.

And Jessica, it was so powerful in person! She was so strong and bold, but yet so humble and meek. She spoke with such wisdom and grace... I loved it.