Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a little letter to life..

dear life,

today i crave adventure.
perhaps in far away lands.
perhaps with someone i love.
who loves me too.

oh wait.
i think i am imagining fairy tales.
or at least a lovely piece of fiction.

but wouldn't it be nice.
to escape into a storybook land.
i'd probably have on a flowy, floral dress.
and my hair would be longer.
and i would be thinner.
and more exciting.

maybe i'd be exploring a castle.
or resting in a field of daffodils.
or singing.
or playing with woodland creatures.

oh silly me.
trying to escape reality.

but can't my reality be adventure?
maybe instead of closing my eyes to dream,
i should be opening my eyes to truly see,
all the love
and friends
and fun
and moments that have a special magic of their own.

maybe then the cravings would cease
and i could live
exactly where i am.

and maybe that's the key
to the secret garden
of abundant living.

seeing what is Real.
seeing the beauty of it all.
and being a part of it...

you have definitely given me
to think about


Jessica said...

"maybe then the cravings would cease"

i'm such a daydreamer. you're right. maybe we should make our dreams into reality and then we wouldn't have to crave them. we'd have them. good thought.