Tuesday, January 12, 2010

oh yeah! i forgot... it's 2010...

The past several weeks have been jam-packed.
(Hence my lack of blogging...)

Interested in knowing what all has been going on?
Here. Let me give you an overview.

I spent the week of Christmas at home with the family. It was such a great week! I really was not ready to leave at the week's end. You know that's a good sign!!

It was a big week for the Lupo family. Especially for Karissa! You may have already heard, but she is engaged!!!!

Here is a picture of the precious couple when they returned home from the proposal. Seriously, this picture captures these two perfectly! Love it!

Here are the sisters and the future bro-in-law at Christmas Dinner at Grandma's. He fits right in!

Oh, and this year, it was our turn to host the big traditional Christmas Eve party for Mom's side of the family. We had 41 people crammed in our house! It was madness, but oh so wonderful!!

Christmas morning was exciting with a new addition to the family there. (It was also nice to have someone who could take a picture of the 5 of us together!)

Sunday the 27th, I headed back to Huntsville. Went to church, ran home, unloaded my car, and met up with some teens at the movies to see Sherlock Holmes. Great movie! Except for the fact that I severely sprained my ankle. I know.. how do you do that at the movies? Weak ankles + foot asleep + TOMS shoes + stairs = disaster. Here's an ugly picture of the horror that was my foot. And you can't even see all the bruising!

I had to go to the doctor the following morning, and then get packed and ready for Youth in Action (YIA)! Some wonderful people (Donna & Chloe Moore) were SUCH a help that day! I can't thank them enough!

I still went to YIA at Lipscomb, but getting around campus was miserable. So check me out with some of my girls in my WHEELCHAIR. Yes, that's right. I have never felt like such an inconvenience. But my teens were so great! I think they must love me or something, because they never complained about having to help me in and out of the van, carry my stuff, wheel me around... I love them.

After YIA, I headed to Montgomery to celebrate the New Year. I really enjoyed spending quality time with Laurel and some other good friends. Praise God for the wonderful things He blessed me with in 2009 and on into 2010! I love when He reminds me of His faithfulness.

I got back from Montgomery, did some laundry, enjoyed my first Sunday of the new year with my Mayfair family, and then packed my backs for NCYM (National Conference for Youth Ministers) in St. Louis! All of last week I was enjoying snowy St. Louis with some incredible friends and partners in ministry! I loved the long car rides with Cody, Jenn & Caroline, rooming with my girls (Abbey, Beth & Ayesha), spending time with my long-time friends (Will & Brittany!!!), getting to know new friends, hearing great speakers & going to great classes (Chris Seidman, Patrick Mean, Rich Little, Gary Spear), and simply enjoying community.

Now I am back in Huntsville, playing catch-up in the office, enjoying my community here, and going on new adventures that God seems to have set in motion.

Here's to a new year! Can't wait to see what all God has in store!


Lana said...

Yay for everything except the ankle!! And Gulf Coast this weekend!! =) I miss you Miss Jenna but I'm glad your back in the blog world lol

Sunny said...

Your ankle looks horrible! I can only imagine the pain that you were in.

jenna said...

Hey Lana! I am excited to see you at Gulf Coast!! It's going to be a great weekend!

And Sunny, it was SO painful! But much better now! (Praise the Lord!)

Jessica said...

YIKES! that is a bad sprain! your life is so full and exciting!

i just want to apologize for my disappearance in the blog world. i have emerged from my cocoon and am now fully present in the blogosphere. i have been reading your blog faithfully, just not commenting on it or posting anything of my own. i love to read what you write...so keep it up:)