Wednesday, December 02, 2009

a million miles in a thousand years...

A little over a week ago, I had the opportunity to hear Donald Miller and Susan Isaacs speak in Nashville. Now in case you don't remember, back in May I posted about Susan's book, Angry Conversations with God. (see posts here & here) Her book really resonated with me, and I was thrilled to hear her talk about it in person and even have an opportunity to meet her. (Why did I not get my picture taken with her?! I did get my book signed at least..)

As excited as I was to hear Susan speak, I was definitely just as excited to hear Don. (And maybe I had a little crush on him by the end... maybe...) I had just started reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years earlier that week and was only on the third chapter (it had been a busy week), so I was hearing everything with fresh ears. I took 6 pages of notes.

He spoke of the narrative. Our narrative. That is, the story that our life tells. And narrative has incredible power.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am fascinated with stories. Perhaps that is why I chose to pursue my bachelor's degree in English. I love hearing a person's story... what has led them to where they are... what is happening now... where they are headed. I love sharing my own story. I especially love sharing the parts of my story when I have seen, with great clarity, God at work. Those are some of my favorites.

I love true stories.

I love fiction.

I love movies and TV shows.

I get attached to characters. I relate to them.

I want their stories to end well. I want it to be good. To have meaning. To be powerful.

Because that is what I want for my own story.

I want meaning. I want to grow through conflict. I want to step out of comfortable ruts and begin to really live. I want to push through fear with great courage. I want to inspire as I have been inspired.

Don talks about all of these things and more, and I could go on and on about this book, about the things Don said, about my thoughts in response to his words.... But honestly, I'd rather have an actual conversation about these things than just throw my thoughts out there and get no response. So how about this: Get this book. Read it. Let me know when you finish, and let's get together and discuss it over coffee or something. I know I would love that, so please, somebody take me up on this offer!

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And by the way, Don, if you are ever in the Huntsville area, coffee & discussion with you would be lovely.


Terry said...

I will take you up on that, but first I must go buy the book and read it. So give me about 6 months :)
By the way, nice little ending of the blog.

Roxy Wishum said...

Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts. Don Miller is a great writer (and his marketing for this book was a stroke of genius--allowing you to be listed as co-author and sent the announcement to all your friends). Who knows, he may take you up on coffee.