Wednesday, December 16, 2009

second day of sing-off...

I'll tell you what, they just keep getting better and better...
Keep it up, Voices of Lee!

(my other favorites are Nota and the Beelzeebubs.)
Have you been watching?
Do you have a favorite?

Let me know what you think!

p.s. - anyone else SHOCKED that Maxx Factor is still on the show?!


Lana said...

I LOVE Sing Off (surprise surprise haha)!! Voices of Lee is definitely the most vocally trained with the best sound. Nota is cool, fun, and probably the most commercial. The Bubs are FUN haha. I like the SoCals too. So yeah I'm right there with you, especially on the Maxx Factor..what in the world?????

Amanda said...

My sister went to Northeast Community College with Candace for a year - they were in the a capella group there. She looks and sounds amazing!

jenna said...

Amanda, thanks for commenting! That is so cool that your sister was in a group with Candace! She really does such a great job in their performances!

And Lana, glad to know you are with me! :)