Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my snowy weekend recap (a few days later)..

So last weekend I went to Boone, NC with some of the Young Pros at church for a weekend of skiing. And let me tell you, I was not confident that I would master the art of this snow sport. I was so nervous when I woke up the first morning. But as I have been learning (and making an effort to practice), God's peace can guard your heart in all things. Even something as silly as a fear of falling down a snow covered mountain.

Now I am definitely no pro. I would still consider myself a beginner, but I did really well! By the end of the trip I was going down those greens like they were nothing! (Keep in mind, the green slopes really are practically nothing, but for me, it was huge!)

I seem to be doing this a lot recently.

Facing little fears.

Fears of all kinds.

And setting goals.

And following through.

(Ex - this was a successful 2nd week of 5:30am classes at the YMCA. And I love it.)

I am in a place where I am growing a lot right now. I feel it. And in some things, it has been a little painful. In other things, it has been so liberating. I am excited to see what God is preparing me for... Please be praying about that for me.

Now for some pictures of the trip!

Ready for a day of skiing! Just look at all of that snow!
(pictured: Marci, me, Ashley, Christy, & Allison)

Me & Christy on the van. We look so hardcore.

Meet Sugar.
The most incredible snow-woman I have ever helped build.
Just look at that face...
So much emotion in those eyes...

The group responsible for this beautiful creation.
(pictured: Matt, Ashley, Marci, Jamie, & myself)

And finally, a roommate picture with Sugar.
(We pretty much consider Ashley a roommate. She lives in the same apt complex.)

It really was such a great weekend,
and it's been a really good week.
Growing pains and all...
God is good.


TefMarie said...

I love Boone, and I'm so envious that you got to go. Congrats on keeping your goals...that is exciting stuff.