Monday, February 01, 2010

it's early & i've been up for hours...

Well, maybe not hours, but for about 2.
And at 6:45am, thats a lot!

What was I doing?


Spin Class.

Friday morning I tried it out for the first time,
and I really enjoyed the class!

But that was at 8:30am.
Friday's I can do that.
I don't have to work.

Yesterday, I decided that this week, on Monday & Wednesday, I am going to do the 5:30am Spin Class. And on Tuesday & Thursday I am going to try out Pilates at 5:30am.

I know.
I must be crazy.

But you know, it really wasn't that bad.
It was actually really good!

(Honestly, I am a little surprised that I followed through this morning!)

I don't know if these early mornings will become my routine, but this is the plan for this week. And I will map out another plan for next week. Taking it a week at a time... a day at a time...

The way I figure it, life is made up of choices.
And if I want certain things to be different, I can't just complain about it. I have to make different choices.

Choosing not to stay in bed until the last possible second.
Choosing not to remain limited to my current experiences.
Choosing to change my habits.
Choosing to add to my hobbies.
Choosing to be a little healthier. (gasp!)

Anyways, enough blogging.
I've got to start getting ready.
There are a couple other things I am planning to change about my mornings.

I followed through today's goal to exercise.
Next thing to follow through with: quiet time.


Jessica said...

WOW! my hero:)

Stacy said...

Good for you!!! Are you going to be awake throughout the entire Bible Study tonight?? :) Ha...just kidding...hope you have an energized day.

jenna said...

Thanks so much for the support!

And Stacy, I made sure to go to bed a little earlier than usual, so I should be able to stay awake. Now I may or may not go to bed right after everyone leaves tonight...but... haha :)

Amelia said...

jenna! i was literally JUST sitting here thinking about how i didn't meet my goals last week and feeling guilty about it and reading your blog totally just inspired me! i love you. :)

Lindsey said...

To begin with, thank you for the lovely little comment on my blog.

Secondly, I admire you for being able to do this. I was thinking today about the choices I need to make to be healthier. Mine deal more with eating differently, but I think you're awesome for taking those classes.

And I'm with you on the quiet time. That will be more refreshing than anything.

Lana said...

Yeah spin class! Go Jenna! The funny thing is, HE will surround you with the Kingdom at the Y =)

jenna said...

You are all such an encouragement to me! Thank you so much!

By the way, I did get some good quiet time in this morning at Starbucks, but I am really craving some more. You were right, Lindsey. That was even more refreshing than the workout.

a. said...

Hi Jenna,
You don't know me, so I hope this doesn't creep you out. My name is Angela, and I'm friends with Jessica (waaaaay up there on the first comment) from college. I found your blog via hers... because instead of getting work done, I'm blog lurking. :)

Anyway, just wanted to say that I loved reading this post and the one about the YMCA just because it's nice to know there's people out there who struggle with the same things! I love how you talked about making different choices. All that you listed are things I need to think differently about as well. Instead of feeling resigned to our choices, we can CHOOSE to feel differently, and even better, to give our lives over to our ever-loving Lord and we can EXPECT his ever-loving faithfulness to guide us through! (Sorry if that sounded cheesy. I was just really encouraged and sometimes I get cheesy when I'm excited.)

I'm notorious for leaving long comments. Hope I didn't creep you out. :) Thanks for the post.


jenna said...

Angela- you definitely don't sound like a creeper! I am so excited that you read my blog! It seems like we've got a lot in common! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!!