Wednesday, February 17, 2010

first day of lent...

So yesterday was Fat Tuesday. Marci, Ashley, & I celebrated with pizza & gelato at Sam & Greg's in downtown Huntsville. It was so good. It was just another reminder that I am so blessed with the friendships that God has provided for me since I moved to Huntsville (almost 2 years ago).

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While at dinner, we talked a little about Lent. We didn't really go into great depth in our conversation.. We mostly talked about what we were going to give up for the Lent season. (I've decided on Diet Coke. But really, I am just going to do sodas in general.)

After this conversation and reading this blog post yesterday, this whole concept of Lent has been on my mind. If I am going to participate in Lent this year, I want it to be more than just giving up Diet Coke. The real intention of Lent is for the believer to prepare himself for Easter, which is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

So for the next 40 days (technically 46, but this explains that), I want to focus on Jesus.

I want to focus on:
Why He came to live amongst us.
The way He lived while He was on this earth.
The ways I can model His life... to make His life my own.
The sacrifice He made.
The powerful gift that His grace is.
What that requires of me.
I will fast from sodas, recognizing that it is only a metaphor for the greater sacrifices I want to embrace and exercise in my life.

So these are my thoughts on Lent as of now.

Anyone else participating on Lent?
What are you fasting from?
What are you focusing on?
Your thoughts?


annie said...

I'm so glad you posted this today... You should have see the looks I got yesterday when I mentioned giving up something for Lent. No one could understand why I would want to take part in a thing that traditionally, our own church doesn't partake in. {I'd love to chat with you about this sometime.} Anywho, I'm still wavering on what my own Lenten sacrifice should be-- though, I am completely with you on the true meaning of Lent (I read the same Apron Stage post you did). I'm toying between Facebook and soda. I've done both before to varying degrees of "success."

Wow. This is the longest comment ever. Sorry about that...

jenna said...

(here's a secret for you: I love long comments. haha!)

I am looking forward to discussing this more in the very near future!

Carie said...

I'm not sure if my Lenten sacrifice (as Annie so thoughtfully put it) will be facebook or meat, maybe both. More importantly I desire to focus on the true meaning of sacrifice and what that looks like in my life. Thanks for the thoughts!

Lana said...

I'm right there with ya. HE has been just shedding light on the fullness that HE brings and how that takes being empty so that HE may fill. So...that leads to my lovely Lent sacrifice of TV. I never used to watch it but being back home it's like my escape from reality when in all actuallity, HE should be my hmmmm. Should be interesting. I'm interested to hear what HE shows you with your newfound focus on Lent =)

a. said...

I love the Lenten season. My husband I used to be Presbyterians, but have been Anglicans for the past couple of years. Our church puts a lot of emphasis on both Lent and Advent, and I love them both. I love that it symbolizes the time Jesus spent in the wilderness, fasting, before laying down his life for us.

That being said, it seems silly now for me to admit that I'm giving up Facebook! But I am. I did all carbonated beverages one year and then didn't drink another one for almost two years! I'm hoping the Facebook one sticks too, because I've been wanting to abandon it for good and have been too chicken. :)

I would love to hear more about your Lenten season discoveries about yourself! What a somber, yet joyous time!

Another thing I love about our church (not sure what denomination you are) is that during Holy Week, or the week preceding Easter, we have a Maundy Thursday service where we wash one another's feet, just as Christ did for his disciples before he was crucified. Then we strip the alter and leave in silence, to reflect the night He was betrayed. But what a joyous Sunday Easter then becomes!

NOW who's leaving long comments? :) Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

H Vest said...

Way to give up sodas! I gave them up a while back and have not missed them one bit. When I occasionally sneak a sip of Jeremy's coke it tastes like syrup to me. Blech! But what I really wanted to comment was this - I loved reading what you said about friends. How good God is to provide wonderful friendships for you! Love you Jenna!