Thursday, September 24, 2009

soon and very soon... will see pictures of my redecorated office. 

I know, I know. I've been saying this forever now, but this time I mean it! I just have to hang up a couple more things and I will be ready to post about it. (I am still waiting on one small detail, but I think I will just have to post about it later when it happens.) So early next week, be looking for pictures of the incredibly long process of my office makeover! You probably don't believe me, so I guess I will just have to prove it. haha

Tonight I am heading to Birmingham for the Ingrid Michaelson concert, so my weekend is starting a bit early! 
I hope you are each having a simply delightful Thursday!


katie said...

aww I'm jealous... i love ingrid!

Amanda said...

I saw her the last time she was in Birmingham, and it was fabulous. I left wanting to be deep, poetic, and quirky. Love her!
Have a good time, and let us know if she sings "The Chain"!

Lana said...

AH! I'm jealous too! I love Ingrid!!!

jenna said...

It was INCREDIBLE! She is so talented!! And yes, Amanda, she sang The Chain. And it was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever heard!

annie said...

AHHH! I just got to comment because of my newly-busy job (clearly there are pros and cons). I AM SO JEALOUS! But happy for you.

But I wish I had heard The Chain in person. So next time, take me with you. Please.

Jason said...

Hey. Just letting you know I'm back in the blogging world at