Wednesday, September 16, 2009

just one of those days...

This didn't actually happen today. This picture is from about a month ago. It, too, had been one of those days. Everything was going wrong. I felt spiritually under attack. And then I left a devo, slipped in the mud, and.. well.. you can see what happened. That particular day, I physically felt like I had been beat up by the end of the day. My hip even hurt from the fall.

Today honestly hasn't been that bad. But it has been a little frustrating. And because I wanted to post something (but my office isn't finished yet so I can't write about it yet), and because today has been a wee bit stressful, I remembered this lovely picture and thought I'd share it will you all. haha!

Some days are so bad in such truly insignificant ways that it really is laughable. That is how today is for me. So join me in laughing as you try to imagine just what I must have looked like on that fateful night when an undetected layer of mud unsuspectedly sent me (and my phone, Bible, & keys) flying through the air. The saddest part was, no one was even outside to get the pleasure of actually watching it happen. 

I hope you each have a lovely day.


Stacy said...

Even all muddy, you still look so adorably cute!! :)

I'm sorry you had a tough day...hope your Thursday is better!

Alexis said...

The good thing about those kind of days is knowing you get to start all over tomorrow... ;)

Adore you & miss you.

jenna said...

Thanks Stacy! :)

And Alexis, you are right. This morning has already started a better day!