Thursday, May 21, 2009

oh ikea....

I really enjoyed visiting you.
Honestly, I wish I had had more time.
I felt so rushed.
So many decisions.
Which chair do I really want?
Black or white?
Are you worth the extra money?

We were in a hurry because we didn't want my sister to miss her flight to Africa. That was definitely more important. We did have SOME time to explore the rooms and rooms of furniture that your walls contain... I think I could spend days exploring those rooms and dreaming up a house of my own.... 

Some of your display rooms were bigger than my apartment. Can I just move in? I think that would be fun.

I got my desk. 
Once assembled, we realized that one leg is too long. It made kinda sad... I mean, you disappointed me a little. But that's okay. I won't let this one mistake ruin you in my eyes.
Do it again, and we'll have a problem.

Thank you for the warm welcome. 
I certainly enjoyed my visit!
Hope to see you again!

(pics of the new furniture will be posted when office is complete. anticipate before and after pictures. yay!)


katie said...

oh I'm so glad you enjoyed Ikea... I'm in love with it!

And yes... the assembly is a nice kick in the pants.

annie said...

I LOVE IKEA. I took pictures of myself in the little rooms. A dream.

I'm kind of glad to know that the assembly is a pain. Just because it makes me not want it so bad.

Can't wait to see pictures!

kwərk said...

Ha, I'm always the only one that hates Ikea.

I'm glad you found a lovely new desk! And I'm glad the actual store didn't reduce you to panic the way it does me. ;)

paigeandbrooke said...

Hey Jenna! I just now found your blog! When THomas and I lived in Baltimore we LOVED shopping at IKEA!! I wish we had one here!!

paigeandbrooke said...

This is Brooke the way. :)

Jessica said...

i want to go and see what all the hype is about. i've never been. have i lived my adult life under a rock?

Anonymous said...

Ok, now you have me wanting to go when Ty & I are in D.C.! =)

PS Yes, I'm catching up on your blog after my trip to visit family, I'm a bit slow!