Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I don't think anyone reads this... but..

The new year has begun. Diets are already being broken, exercise machines have yet to be assembled...another year of resolutions.. resolutions that last long enough for you to write them down and tell your co-workers all about them. But what then?

I decided this year, that I wasn't going to do a list. And I like lists. But I decided against it for this year. You see, I'm always trying to fix something about myself anyways. Practically everyday of the year. I suppose that is a good thing... recognizing faults... working to improve...

I have decided to take things a step at a time. This semester. I have managed to de-clutter, which was a goal of mine before this past semester. Now my goal is to learn to love. I am going to end on that note for now, and then come back later and elaborate.


Jason said...

Learning to love is the lesson of our lives. I wish I could master it, but I once read it's difficult to master something in which the primary objective is to be mastered. But we continue to live in the hope that we are daily being conformed to the image of Christ. By taking on his charcter and person, we can learn to love.