Tuesday, November 16, 2010

speaking in spirals...

I am experiencing one of those lovely moments. 
The kind of moment that can't quite be summarized in words. 
Not even eloquent words. 
It's not any one particular emotion, and not any one thing in particular has led me here. 
I will try to describe my thoughts, but you'll have to excuse me.
There is no order to these things I am about to write.
Just my random thoughts.
I know I will be speaking in spirals.

Colors seemed more vibrant today.
I give the rain credit.
Well, the rain and the One who made the rain.
Bursts of color all over the place.
Each with it's own magic, capturing my gaze.
The smallest, simplest things were the most enchanting.

There's something about Regina Spektor's music.
The sounds usher in a haunting nostalgia.
Haunting, but comforting as well.
It's bittersweet and beautiful.
Memories are special like that.
And so is the autumn time.
This particular song has the slideshow of my mind in sepia.

I haven't been writing on this blog very much lately.
And you'll notice the past few posts have been lacking in depth.
I apologize to those of you that rely on this thing to know what's happening in my life.
(Those of you that actually know me.)
I have not been very informative.
Sometimes there is just too much to say.
Too much to process.
And to try to put it all in a reader-friendly form just takes too much effort.
At least for me.
Right now.

A couple of months ago, I picked up the book, Captivating, by John & Stasi Eldridge.
A mentor of mine told me to read it.
Honestly, I used to roll my eyes at that book.
I thought it was going to be like all of those other cheesy books out there...
It wasn't.
It was a bit life changing, actually.
I wasn't expecting that.
It's amazing, some of the ways God speaks to us.

Speaking of the voice of God, I've been hearing Him a lot.
Over the past two weeks, He has been speaking through the music of Lisa Gungor.
Well, she and her husband.
"From the Ground"
"Beautiful Things"
"When You Come"
"Please Be My Strength"
Those four are my favorites.
I highly recommend.

Remember a couple of months ago when I posted a verse from Habbakuk?
I've been keeping my eyes open.
I've been watching.
And I've been amazed.
I have a feeling He isn't finished blowing my mind yet.
Good stuff.

I think I am ready to put my laptop down and just enjoy this peace for a little while.
It's a pleasant thing, to rest in Him.


Karissa Jade Ferguson said...

So glad to read a post from you again :) this one is so encouraging and uplifting. Resting in His peace is a wonderful thing...can't wait for Thanksgiving chats!

Jenny said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi and I like your blog!


Chris said...

Just searching around and saw the beariful photo.

Mallory Paige said...

I found your blog by simply clicking the "next blog" icon at the top of my screen. This is simply beautiful, I cannot thank you enough for sharing.

thins said...

Your blog is inspiring. thanks! : )