Tuesday, September 07, 2010

look and be amazed...

"Look around at the nations;
look and be amazed!
For I am doing something in your own day,
something you wouldn't believe
even if someone told you about it."
-Habakkuk 1:5

I don't really have much more to say today.
I've been a little burnt out when it comes to blogging,
but I am hoping to make a come back soon.

Until then, let the Spirit and this exciting Scripture stir up something within you. 
I know it has in me....


*Priscilla* said...

Thanks for sharing this awesome verse, Jenna!! :) Hope you're doing well!

Lana said...

YEESSSSSSSSSS!! That's all I have to say about this word from the LORD. Love you!

Amanda said...

I love this verse. I needed to hear it today, too.

Come back soon! I miss you!