Monday, September 13, 2010

so my lil newlywed sister has a blog now...

And I think you should check it out here
While were are talking about my dear little sister,
why don't I share with you some of her beautiful pictures!

Karissa & her husband, Kyle.
Aren't they just absolutely, perfectly adorable?!

(Check out the TOMS that are represented on this occasion.)

The complete family picture...

Kayla & I love having a new brother!

The ceremony couldn't have been more perfect.
It was held in the City Park of New Orleans.

I might have cried the most during this beautiful moment.
Dad led such a touching prayer of blessing over them.
To have both Kyle's dad and our dad up there was so special...

These two are perfect for each other.
No question about it.

I couldn't be more happy for them!
So I would like to introduce to you all,
for the first time on this blog,
Mr. & Mrs. Ferguson.

Rissy-sissy, I love you.


Karissa Jade Ferguson said...

Aw Jenna, I love you! Thanks for all your sweet words :) I miss you lots!

Sharon said...

~tear~beautiful blog! I love re-living this day and I love my family soooo much! God has blessed me beyond words :)

annie said...

Those pictures are just lovely... I love your family! :) Now... where did you get those bridesmaids dresses? Beautiful!

Kyle said...

Great blog Jenna :) Come see us in KY sometime!

jenna said...

Thanks Annie! I love my family too! :)

As for the bridesmaid dresses, Belk online. Cost you ask? $30ish. Original price? $130ish. Yeah. That's what I'm talkin about. :)

Momma, Karissa, & Kyle - Love you all!

And don't worry K&K, I will definitely be making my way to KY for a visit sometime!

Ang said...

Great post. Great day!!

wilybrunette said...

mmm, what lovely photographs--it looks like the wedding was perfection! and i LOVE that toms were represented.

jenna said...

Thanks for making you way over to my blog, Meg! The TOMS were definitely a favorite feature! :)

Roos said...

beautiful photo's!

royal said...

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Joyeful said...

So lovely!!! The bridesmaid dresses were gorgeous!! And for some reason, these pictures remind me of City Park in New Orleans!!

I'm excited to meet you, Jenna! You are beautiful!

HoshiMaru said...

These are some amazing pictures! You're sister is beautiful. I congratulate her hugely!

Melany said...

Love the umbrella pic!! :)

Fara said...

Omg, they are truly made to each other
hope they will be happy all the time :)
congrats a nice cute ceremony indeed :)

PaisleyJade said...

Stunning photos and wedding party! Off to visit her blog now. xoxo