Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a note to self...

dear self,

why are you so unmotivated today?

why so tired?

is it the rain?

is it the cold?

why are you so easily distracted?

you have looked at the pictures that have recently been tagged of you on facebook way too many times, and you keep staring at that picture on your wall.

you probably need to start running in the mornings or something.
maybe that would clear your mind some.
or at least help you fit in that one dress again.

why don't you look at that to do list you've got sitting on your desk. stare at it instead. better yet, stop staring at things and get busy.

snap out of it.


even writing this note to you is wasting my time.

so play that good charlotte song one more time to make your motivation proclamation, and stop fooling around.

(and know that people are going to read this post and ask you if you ended up accomplishing anything today)

how's that for motivation?




TefMarie said...

hope it worked! :)

Terry said...

Did you get anything done?

jenna said...

haha... yep. But it wasn't fun.