Thursday, June 11, 2009

nashville workcamp...

... a favorite amongst MYM teens....

What is Nashville Workcamp?

Well, every summer we send a large group of teens to Nashville to meet up with a couple hundred teenagers from all over the place (Nashville, Montgomery, Birmingham, Atlanta, etc) to paint houses. For free. It is an incredible outreach to low income families in the Nashville area. This was my 3rd year to go, and I love it! We are divided up into about 20 different crews made up of teenagers from various youth groups & 2 (or 3) crew leaders.

This is the house my crew painted. Look at those lovely potted flowers & that sharp looking wrought iron! I was a part of an awesome crew this year. They were such hard workers, that we finished a day early and were able to help another group finish up their house.

Two of my girls from Mayfair, Morgan & Sarah, were on my crew, and they discovered a brick walkway at our house. The sweet lady who owns the home has been having a lot of health problems over the years, so she had not really been able to maintain the yard like she used to. Because of that, the grass (and dirt) had covered the walkway. My girls took care of that!

Here are a couple more pics from NWC. 
Me and Caylie with our matching haircuts.
And a picture of some more of my wonderful girls.

Hurray for another great week of the summer!