Wednesday, April 08, 2009

so guess what....

i am going to see these people in Nashville!!!! 
and i am SO excited!!!!

It is official.
The tickets have been purchased. 
(I think I may have been the very first person to buy the tickets.. I was on ticketmaster just waiting and refreshing the page until they went onsale. Yes. I am that excited.)
Whoo whooooo!!!! 


William said...

Hey! I subscribed to your blog a couple of weeks ago. I've been enjoying it!

Blogs are so much cooler than Facebook.

Have fun at the concert!!!!

Terry said...

That is extreme.

jenna said...

Little brother! (Talking to you, William, but you knew that...) Welcome to the blog! I left you a comment on yours just a second ago. :)

And T, yes. Extreme indeed. I. Am. Pumped. :)