Friday, December 05, 2008

for about 15 minutes... i was a scribe

Yesterday, I got to be a scribe.
For about 15 minutes or so...
The Bible Across America RV came to Huntsville yesterday and camped out at Mayfair. It was really cool to be a part this. The verse I wrote was 2 Samuel 17:15. It says:

"Hushai told Zadok and Abiathar, the priests, "Ahithophel has advised Absalom 
and the elders of Israel to do such and such, but I have advised them to do so and so."

Random verse, yes. But I think it is funny that is says "such and such" and "so and so." And now I am intrigued. I plan on exploring 2 Samuel a little more. I don't think I know very much about what's going on here. Who knows, maybe I will discover something really cool here.
(Sidenote: Do any of you have any favorite stories from 2 Samuel?)

Here's a little info about the Bible Across America. 
You can check out the website for more details.

Be a Part of Hand-Writing an NIV Bible
One Word, One Verse, One City at a Time
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible, the best-selling translation with more than 300 million copies in print, Zondervan has launched Bible Across America, a cross-country RV tour. Bible Across America features an RV, piloted by a four-person team, that is traveling across the continental United States, making stops at churches, universities, retail stores and special events where people are invited to contribute a verse to complete a handwritten Bible – America's NIV.


Stacy said...

hey! I blogged it yesterday too! I wrote 2 sam 17:10, and jon wrote 2 sam and jason were RIGHT after us, apparently, and I didn't even see you! I saw Corey, though...

the such and such and so and so part is funny! I just didn't want a genealogy! I didn't want to write 8 "begats"!
I don't know a whole lot about 2 sam specifically. Some of the stories, yes, but the whole book? No.

I must say that you looked much more scholarly and very smart and (WHISPER) sexy librarianish than I did. I came as a gym rat in gross clothes straight from the gym...i forbade any pictures of me! :) can you believe that? ha!

jenna said...

HAHA! Your whispered comment made me laugh out loud! I sure love you Stacy Stacy!

Jason said...

I don't think I've ever read a "whispered comment" on a blog before.

I love the Samuel books. I lobbied hard for "Samuel" when we were deliberating on what to name Jackson, but it wasn't a favorite of Sunny's. (She would've been cool with Samuel as a middle name, but I wanted "Cash" instead!) Samuel is probably my favorite Bible character, or if not my favorite, he's at least on the short list. I've got a great commentary on Samuel if you ever want to borrow it.

jenna said...

I might have to do that. I need a refresher on Samuel. I remember learning about him in one of my Bible classes at Faulkner.... unfortunately for me, I think it was one of the 7am classes.... thus the retention level there is pretty low.... yeah...