Wednesday, December 31, 2008

as I spend time reflecting with HIM...

... I came across this poem of sorts that I wrote in February. As I sit in my tent (explanation later) and reflect on this past year with my Abba God, I see so much that He has done. I see so many answered prayers. I see myself still praying some of the same prayers... I love taking time to look back with Him. 

Now, I don't claim to be really good at poetry by any means, but I like what my heart is imagining and longing for here. Maybe someone else has thought about this before - or maybe someone will be delighted to think about it now. So I will share.

(There are actually two poems. I am going to post the second one on my & Annie's blog.) 

Won't you dine with me today?
Will you sit in the chair beside me; 
Share Your presence with me. 
Please stay.

Let me listen to Your song
As we watch the red birds dance.
Sing your sweet, soft melody.
Maybe I could join You?
Me and my timid harmony?

You stop and laugh and say,
"Daughter, I know you can sing lauder than that."
And as my spirit soars with love,
I see Your radiant eyes laughing and dancing,
Inviting me deeper into You.

We would sing loudly,
Voices rising high into the sky.
A glorious chorus,
Just the two of us.

Oh, if that were the case...
Can You really invite me in one day?
To sing with You?


katie said...

ahhh, such beautiful poetry!

Annie said...

I may love this one even more than the other! You took the words right out of my mouth...

Jessica said...

Hey Jenna, I delurked on Annie's blog and wanted to do the same on yours. My friend, Amelia Cortez, gave me links to y'alls blogs. I hope you don't mind me dropping in. I've been reading them for a few weeks and loving it! Amelia said you were a super cool person and that I would love your blog. She was right!

jenna said...

Hey Jessica!! I responded to your comment on Annie's blog before I noticed that you had made a comment on mine! I love that you've been reading our blogs! Now that things have settled down a little here, I hope to start writing more frequently again!