Friday, September 17, 2004

Sooo...about this Hurricane... has definitely been an interesting week/weekend!! haha...Hurricane Ivan came ripping through this town I call home away from home..yes...Montgomery, AL. Luckily it wasn't as bad as they were expecting it to be! There were some crazy strong winds and A LOT of hard rains...but we were all fine, only a couple of uprooted trees in our yard...lots of branches and limbs...some houses in the ares did have trees fall on their houses...we were lucky....oh, by the way, me and Brittany Fish stayed with Miller's family Tuesday nite through this afternoon. We all certainly made the best of a bad situation. Chad stayed over too, so the weekenders had an extended weekend full of movies...well, until the power went off... OH-I did have my first Mellow Mushroom experience last night. Tons of good fun. I was glad that I got to get to know Carly and Alan better too....Now it is just Friday night, so I still have a full weekend ahead of me. I am going to be soooo spoiled by all of these long weekends! I'm tellin ya!

Pledge Week starts Sunday nite, so this is certainly going to be a VERY busy week! At least I am not Pledging!!!!! I am already an active member of my wonderful club, Delta XI Omega. Yay!

Anyway, enough for now. I hope my sis had a good b-day Wednesday! I miss both of my sisters and my mommy and daddy! Love you all! ( and of course the rest of my family too!!!) ;)