Monday, January 26, 2009

Motivation from within...

So for the past month or so, I have been working towards being an all-around healthier me. My roomie has been providing some incredible accountability. I have been exercising pretty consistently, and I've become a big fan of Special K (along with other forms of healthy eating). I can tell a huge difference, even down to my fingernails. Either they grow faster when I am healthier, or my newly found discipline has also kept me from picking/biting them. (I know, I am so gross. But come on, I'm not the only one!) All around, I am making progress.

But here's the thing... I've come a long way, but I'm not there yet.

So far, accountability from my "trainer" has been the biggest thing keeping me on track (and the hopes of winning a little competition I am in). But you know what, that isn't good enough. I have got to find the motivation to do this from somewhere within me. For me. Or else, what good is any of this going to do? Eventually I will fall into old habits, because let's face it, in the end I will do whatever I want to do. 

So this is where I find myself right now. Looking for my inner motivation. Trying to develop a strength of self within me that will get me out of bed for my morning exercise routine even if roomie isn't going at it with me. Motivation to deny my appetite because I am not really hungry, just bored or something. 

I think this really important for me to do.... Not because I need to look any different, but because I need to be different. It isn't just about the physical me, but for spiritual me. For emotional me. For me in my relationships. For all that I am. I think all these parts of me are connected, and as I grow in strength and discipline in one area, I think the other parts will be strengthened too. 

So these are my thoughts. This is where I am right now. And now I'd better go to sleep so I can wake up early in the morning! (Because really, I should take to time to exercise AND have some quiet time.)


Sunny said...

I think that is GREAT that you have been able to make some changes and stick to them. I am really wrestling with the same kind of thinking right now. I am wanting to motivate myself to eat healthier and exercise. My fear is that I will return to my ways when I feel that I have lost a few pounds or when I have exercised a few days a week for a specific amount of time. I think that it is sometimes really hard to find that motivation, because like you said, old habits and ways of doing things seem to creep back in. Right now, I am focusing on a very SMALL goal. I think that I need to do small little things to keep me accountable. Sure, I would love to see dramatic results, but I need to go about it a little at a time. Sorry that I've just spent all this time rambling. I feel like you are so right about finding that motivation to keep it up! I hope that you find what works for you! Love you girl!

jenna said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Sunny! It really is SO hard to change a lifetime of habits. I wish I actually saw you more so we could hold each other accountable! When spring comes, maybe I can join you and the kids for an outing to the park or something! Chasing your children around would HAVE to burn some calories! haha

katie said...

oh girl... I am in the same boat! I'm trying this new workout video for 30 days... let's see how it goes. My motivation (other than the obvious - wedding) is just keeping up with Josh. He's my own personal trainer fully equipped with guilt trips if I don't work out or eat as I should. Its tough because he's a complete health nut (working out, no fried foods {gasp!}, and all these vegetables), but my tastes are changing (with much resistance). I even craved a spinach salad last night! So, stick with it... you'll find your motivation and it will begin to come naturally. Love you and I know you can do it!

Corey & Alisha said...

I have been dealing with some of the same things since the fall. I started exercising every morning until the temperature was in the teens one morning and I decided to sleep in. For me, if I ever break the routine it is really hard to get back into it.

So, now that "No Sweets January" is almost over what will you do in February? (I would suggest maybe a little sweet. You don't want to miss out on all of the Valentines candy! : )) Sorry, I'm not the person to help hold you accountable I guess! : )

jenna said...

I know what you mean, Alisha! Today was SO beautiful that I worked out this morning AND went walk/running this afternoon. Accomplishment: I ran far more than usual today! Whoo whoo!!! :)

And as for February-- sweets will be allowed, but in strict moderation. I've got to win this competition first!! :)